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Data Types

Primitive data types [3.2]

Data type nameSizeValues range
VGbyte1 byte[ -128, 127 ]
VGubyte1 byte[ 0, 255 ]
VGshort2 byte[ -32768, 32767 ]
VGint4 byte[ -(2^31), 2^31 - 1 ]
VGuint4 byte[ 0, 2^32 - 1 ]
VGfloat4 byteIEEE 754 Standard
VGboolean4 byte[ VG_FALSE(0), VG_TRUE(1) ]
VGbitfiled4 byte[ 0, 2^32 - 1 ]

Handle-based data types [3.6]

Images, paint objects, and paths are accessed using opaque handles. Handles employ reference count semantics: if a handle is in use, a request to destroy it prevents the handle from being used further by the application, but allows it to continue to be used internally by the OpenVG implementation until it is no longer referenced. VG_INVALID_HANDLE (defined as (VGHandle)0) represents an invalid VGHandle that is used as an error return value from functions that return a VGHandle.

Data type nameDescription
VGPatha VGHandle referencing path data
VGImagea VGHandle referencing image data
VGMaskLayera VGHandle referencing mask data
VGFonta VGHandle referencing path data
VGPainta VGHandle referencing paint specification