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Configuration file

AmanithVG provides a configuration file to control and configure some internal settings and thresholds.
The file must be named amanithvg.conf on *nix (including MacOS X) Target Platforms and amanithvg.ini on Windows (including Windows CE) based Target Platforms.
The file must be placed in /etc directory on *nix (including MacOS X) Target Platforms and in the same directory containing AmanithVG dll on Windows based Target Platforms, except for Windows CE that needs the file to be located within the \Windows directory.
AmanithVG will look for the following sections:

[OpenGL] section

Parameters present in this section control OpenGL features used by AmanithVG GLE. In the detail:

[Geometry] section

Thresholds present in this section define the accuracy of AmanithVG geometry engine. In the detail: