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AmanithVG is a commercial implementation of OpenVG 1.1 and 1.0.1, the application programming interface (API) for hardware accelerated 2D vector and raster graphics, created by the Khronos group. Born as a “OpenVG on OpenGL / OpenGL ES” engine, AmanithVG evolved into two different OpenVG graphic libraries.

AmanithVG GLE

AmanithVG GLE is entirely built on top of OpenGL 1.1+ and OpenGL ES 1.x CM, and it uses extensions where available. This engine can grant high quality vector graphics on a wide range of 3D chipset, achieving better performance than software rasterizers in terms of high resolution animations and complex special effects (transparencies, fading, realtime rotoscaling and many others).

AmanithVG SRE

AmanithVG SRE is a pure software solution that grants a superlative vector graphics quality without to sacrifice performance on any kind of architecture / platform. Thanks to its original polygon rasterization algorithm and dedicated optimized scanline fillers, this engine constitutes the fastest OpenVG software rendering solution available on the market.