AmanithVG | Blazing fast OpenVG

with pure software and OpenGL ES 1.1 rendering

AmanithVG is a native library that implements OpenVG 1.1 the API for 2D vector graphics created by the Khronos Group

Getting Started

Cross Platform

Written in pure ANSI C without external dependencies, the package comes with precompiled binaries for Desktop: Windows, OSX, Linux and Mobile: iOS, Android, Linux, QNX platforms and supports x86, x86_64, arm, armv7, aarch64, ppc and mips architectures out of the box.

Fast and Accurate

AmanithVG comes with two different backends in order to deliver fast and accurate rendering. GLE, the OpenGL(ES) aided engine, grants better performance than software rasterizers in terms of high resolution animations and complex special effects; SRE, the pure software engine, delivers superior rendering quality at an unbeatable speed.

Source Code

In order to satisfy all the needs to have total control over the software, the complete AmanithVG source code is always available as a licensing option.